What makes a perfect house interior? You might have some of the best-coloured homes existing in today’s world. You could also have some perfectly-fitting furniture to go alongside it, along with some interior knick-knacks that complement almost anything from appliance to vases.

But you don’t have the perfect cover for you windows.

Blinds are awesome, easy to clean, durable and extremely safe. But they’re useful for a sliding window or for a fixed-frame window that does not open and close most of the time.

What if you have a dual-swing window? Blinds won’t work there.

But curtains would. And they always have!

The Classic Look Never Dies

From fairy tales to modern contemporary living, curtains have played a huge role in complementing windows. The simple pole-to-hang style have adorned countless castle, church and home windows. Today, they’re still functioning in the same manner. Except of course, they are more sophisticated, durable and practical.

Hold-backs and tie-backs are still present in today’s households.

Unlike the past, where you have an uncertain number of thread in your curtain line, today’s curtain’s have different types of lining that can suit different types of windows or home interiors.

The best thing about it is you have not just hundreds, but thousands of fabrics available.

Thousands of Fabrics Available

The root material of any window covering, curtain fabric was originally made with silk. But silk is impractical because not only is it rare and expensive to produce, silk easily wears out with enough washing.

Today’s technology allows for strengthened and more affordable materials that can be as soft as silk, or more durable, if so the need requires.

New materials available include UV blockers, which absorb the sun’s rays and retains your homes temperature, and fire-resistant fabrics, which look elegant and tougher, but can complement your home with a wide range of patterns and plain fabrics.

Easy Installation

Installation doesn’t come with screws and drills. In fact, you wouldn’t need this hardware. Instead, you have optional poles, pulls, finials and even tracks.

Multiple header types allow for customised, completely personalised curtain styles suitable for your home. With a free measuring and fitting service from our personnel, you could find the perfect pole type, pull and holds for the curtain that would complement the amazing interiors of your very home.

As all window types and sizes aren’t similar, having accurate measurements is a must. Our employees and installation personnel can help you find the best fit for your curtain’s at zero additional cost

Light On Your Wallet

We can guarantee that these are not Asia-manufactured materials. Each of these have a seal of guarantee from our suppliers. As materials are made in the United Kingdom, you know that these are made of fine-quality materials that can last for years.

We also guarantee that despite being top-of-the-line material and machines, our blinds and blinds systems are quite affordable. We assure you that you will get the best quality for your money!

Curtains not the best choice for your windows? You can always view our full window furnishings range to find the right kind of blinds for your windows.