Does your house have small windows? Preferable, a bay window? You know that rollers would look a bit drab there. You could say it’s overkill to have a wooden venetian blind set handle that window.

Yes, you can always choose curtains. But curtains can be messy. They often gather dust and can be very difficult to clean. Control of brightness is also unavailable with curtains.

Rollers can block out enough sunlight. But you don’t really have enough control over a room’s blindness with their fabric.

But a pleated blind can do that for you. They work just like venetians. However, creases in the fabric allow them to completely shut out the sunlight, or let some inside.

Subtly Blocking Sunlight

This particular control is thanks to the creases between the fabric. While they ultimately block out sunlight, you have subtle control over blocking the sunlight.

Choosing the right fabric is essential to achieve this. A thicker, threadier material will block out the sunlight. Some special fabrics can store the sun’s heat or the cold outside to help level the temperature in your home. This is especially useful for homes trying to cut down on AC expenses.

As you can guess, UV-blocking material is also available. Protect your little ones and your own skin from the sun’s increasingly harmful rays.

Easy To Clean

Every blind can be cleaned by just wiping off the surface using a clean dry cloth. Wooden venetians are a bit more of a handful because wood needs some special cleaning.

Because of its special fabric, the vulnerability of a pleated blind is only some dust and smears from food or other types of sauces. Now, not unless you’re always eating near your bay windows or your windows with a pleated blind in general, you wouldn’t have much of this problem.

But then again, pleateds materials only need some subtle baking soda to remove tough stains. More on this as we go on!

Very Lightweight

Just like rollers, pleateds are as light as a feather. Except for the plank weight and the actual blind, the material is mostly made of specialised fabric. Some materials, including blackout and flame-resistant fabrics, can be heavier. But that is self-explanatory because they need to block out enough heat and are composed of specialised materials.

But then again, if you’re just looking for a simple set of blinds to block out the sun, guarantee your privacy or help you sleep better at night, you have a hundred fabrics available.

A Hundred Fabrics Available

You have a hundred fabrics to have your windows complement your living space. Anything that could suit your wallpaper, we probably have it. But there’s no guaranteed way to know…

…except to have our team come and take a measure and fitting with your windows. Of course, all of these services are free.

Our blinds are also installed for free and need no screwing or drilling as we guarantee a perfect fit into your home.

Pleated blinds not the answer for your window needs? Well then, view our full window furnishings range and give us a ring or mail when you’ve found the perfect blinds for your home!