Roller blinds are discreet but fulfilling in a sense they give life to a window. Just like your desktop wallpaper, they serve as a backdrop to your home, a complement to your home’s wallpaper and furniture. Overall, they’re harmless when it comes to their uniform designs.

And for their price? It’s unbelievably affordable to own a set of rollers compared to having a set of wooden venetians or a pleated blind.


Curtains can pull off the meaning of lightweight given they’re made from light cloth to heavy, 400-500 thread cloth that completely blocks out sunlight. However curtains are prone to dirt. Daily dusting is a must.

In some days, you just want to remove your curtains to let the sun completely flow inside. You’ll have to remove your curtains. Surely, this is troublesome.

Rollers allows you to roll them up to keep them clean during the day, or you could have them droop down half-mast over your windows. They’re lightweight, meaning they’re easy to clean.

Because of their lightweight, remote-controlled rollers, thought costing a bit more, is greatly appealing to many of our customers.

A Warm, Bright Mood

You could always have a gloomy, dark mood with dark-coloured curtains. But if you want something that fits your home’s happy and “homey” theme, a light-coloured roller blind set looks like an extension of your wall.

Sometimes, you just want to block out the world outside, but not enough to block out even the brightness of the sun. Rollers can introduce a warm, bright mood into your house. Unlike pleated and venetians, the materials can be changed. Need a lower thread-count cloth for your blind? No problem. We got you covered.


Unless you’re going for the remote-controlled blind set, manual blind sets are easy to install, easy to maintain and they come very cheap. You just need a one-time installation from our service team.

You’re going to need all the help you can get from experts. Not all home windows are made the same. No exact window blueprints exist. Experts can measure your window, give the proper allowance for the snug installation of the blind and advise you on maintenance.

Our rollers are installed for free if you purchase more than a pair. We can have our experts help you snugly fit those new window blinds without extra costs!

Elegance And Quality For An Unbelievably Low Price

What do you say? Did you like rollers? Will it do the job for your home?

Can you imagine the additional aesthetic beauty it can bring to your home post-installation?

If this particular blind does not suit your needs, you’re always welcome to view our full window furnishings range!

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