Worried about installing your own shutters? Thanks to an innovative design, they are now easier than ever, more affordable and just as gorgeous!


What makes them so easy? They are almost entirely assembled right out of the box, before you hang them in your window. You’ll be enjoying brand new shutters in just 4 simple steps that only take a few minutes. These are usually manufactured from wood that comes exclusively from sustainable forests, and the finishes are water-based and environmentally friendly, so you can feel confident that you are making a responsible choice for your home.

They usually come in two louver sizes (2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″) and allow for up to 6 panels which can be made to open or close in either direction, giving you a number of accessible configurations. You can also add a divider rail which allows top and bottom louvers to operate independently. Choose from popular stains to give them your own personal sense of style.

They’re a type of window furnishing that adds charm to window settings. They can be installed on the inside for easy access or on the outside for protection from storms.

They were traditionally used in the Mediterranean countries. They are thought to have originated from Greece and quickly spread to countries such as Spain and Italy. The reason for their popularity in the area is that they can be used to regulate the amount of air and sunlight coming into a room. They are now used all over the world, although still most commonly in warmer climates.

Technically a shutter is either a solid or slated window cover. It is believe that they first originated from Greece and that they were originally designed for light control, ventilation and protection from the elements in a tropical environment. Pretty standard stuff really and we are all familiar with how they look but most people are not familiar with how they work.

They were either single board, or board-and-batten (vertical wood slats) which were used on cottages and primitive buildings. Solid raised panelled versions then appeared and provided a lighter, more elegant look. A fixed louvered style then came into use during the second half of the 18th century. Historically, solid raised panel design was referred to as “shutters” while those with louvered were called “blinds”.

The main practical benefit is their adjustability, meaning they can be used as appropriate whatever the weather conditions. The interior conditions of a room can be controlled. During the winter, they can help to keep the warmth in. Due to the quality of the wood used to manufacture them, when they are closed less cool air will enter a room compared to curtains or blinds. They are essentially an extra layer of protection.

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