The blinds that began it all. Venetians are the best pals of offices. Whenever there needs to be light regulation, or a guarantee of privacy among a sea of professionals occupying their own cubicles, venetians do their job very well.

For homes, they fit very well. Despite rollers, pleated and romans taking over the job of the original, all-powerful venetian for aesthetic purposes, nothing beats the full-function of a venetian

They perfectly fit any type of Scandinavian type of room. Their appearance makes them easy to use and easy to disperse in your home’s interior as they blend with the background quickly.

Modern, Powerful, Professional

They’ve modernised. From a simple cord-pulled manual set to a fully-automated remote-controlled setup, a venetian can be used to block the sunlight at your convenience.

They’re impactful with the right colours for your home or office’s interior. However, you can have it complement your home’s interior with the right colours. Make them a part of the interior design quickly.

While wooden venetian blinds may only fit natural-coloured or cabin-style rooms, these are versatile as they are more durable than their wooden counterpart.


Venetians are can be made from vinyl.

Vinyl is a cost-effective of a material as it is easy to clean. It can be bent and may have small slat sizes, but it would take a lot to break vinyl.

Aluminium versions can be expensive. Made of light metal, an aluminium blind is more durable and less bendable than a vinyl blind.

If you have cabin or Scandinavian-style room, faux wood venetians are your best choice. While they’re heavier, they’re the most durable and capable of blocking out sun rays. You also have a choice of using real wood, whose durability differs immensely, but is stylish.

Control The Light

Automated venetians allow you to control room brightness and blinds level using a remote control. But if you’re one to accurately measure the light in your room using the thumb pole, then you’re right at home with these.

Unlike roller blinds whose material can only block out some or all the sun’s rays from your room, and unlike pleated blinds that give you a subtle control over the fabric, venetians give you the right amount of actual direct sunlight.

Vinyl and aluminium styles, due to their light weight, can quickly move upwards or downwards upon your control.

Affordable With Free Installation

Vinyl and aluminium are the most affordable styles and the most common window coverings in the United Kingdom. Our vinyl and aluminium venetians come with a free measurement, fitting and installation.

Our faux wood also have the lowest rates in the country and we guarantee no warping, fading or cracking. These are also the easiest to clean.

We have a warranty on our real wooden venetians. You could inquire about it with us through the phone or over a consultation email.

Venetian not what your looking for? Just view our full window furnishings range and we can get you one that truly works for your home!